put on your war paint

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I want to feel this good

Monday Jul 7 @ 10:47pm
Me and Drakes first date
  • Drake: And that's when I said first of all Barack, I'm mixed, but enough about me. I wanna know about you. *boops my nose*
  • Me: Well, I do not like the beach because I do not like sand or crustaceans but I do personally feel very connected to the ocean. I actually feel as if I may be mixed with mermaid.
  • Drake: That's so interesting. You are such a well rounded individual. Please, tell me more about you.
  • Me: I am very afraid of the dark.
  • Drake: A few years back I read a passage that said something like "You're not afraid of the dark, you're afraid of what is inside of the dark." I just thought that was so beautiful.
  • Me: ... Are you getting smart with me?
  • Drake: Not at all I ju-
  • Me: *loudly* Please do not come for me Mr. Graham I know what the hale I'm scared of!
  • Drake: ... that was extremely arousing and I'd like to take you home if that's okay with you.
  • Me: You pickin up the tab?
  • Drake: *nods*
  • Me: *puts the basket of rolls in my bag* Get the check.
Monday Jul 7 @ 10:46pm

May 12, 1991: Bill Watterson predicts vaporwave.


May 12, 1991: Bill Watterson predicts vaporwave.

Monday Jul 7 @ 04:29pm
I look photoshopped into this picture

I look photoshopped into this picture

Monday Jul 7 @ 08:45am

okaaay. so dad is in the ER (nothin too serious though), I still have to pack, and then drive myself 3 hours to DM camp, probably in the pickup truck which I hate driving

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LA/NYC Michiel van den Berg

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The Devil’s Workday//Modest Mouse

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